There comes a time in life when we all must educate ourselves about cremation or burial; whether it be to express our wishes to our loved ones for our own death, to make pre-arrangements for ourselves or our family, or because someone we know has passed away. It is therefore important to understand the options available to us when a death occurs, along with the associated costs.

When people begin to research cremation versus burial, many often wonder why cremation can be a much cheaper option.

  • No need for a burial plot: With limited cemetery space available in cities, the cost of a grave can add thousands of dollars to funeral costs. Many cemeteries also require a vault to be placed in the ground to protect the casket from the elements and families will also add a grave marker (headstone), which can increase costs greatly.
  • No need for an expensive casket: Although there is not a requirement to purchase an expensive casket for burial, often people want their loved one to rest in a sturdy wood or metal casket that can withstand the changing elements. These caskets can add an extra $3000 or more to funeral arrangements.
  • Less additional costs with cremation: Although there are potential extra costs with cremation, such as cemetery/mausoleum/niche space to accommodate an urn or an upgrade to a more expensive casket, cremation costs are typically much lower than burial. Ashes can be scattered at a meaningful place or kept at home, a basic cremation container made of plywood can be used instead of a more expensive hardwood or metal, and a Celebration of Life can be held at any venue, including the family home, instead of taking place in a funeral home or church which can add extra costs.

At Vancouver Cremations we specialize in low cost direct cremations, so families can create personalized memorials for their loved ones in a way that is cost effective yet meaningful to them. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact one of our licensed funeral directors by phone, email or online chat.

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